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Friday, April 21, 2017

[Appmon] Ep 29 synopsis

第29話 バディ解消!? ガッチモンの家出


ep 29: Buddy disappeared!? Gatchmon is running away from home

Everyone is babying Offmon! Gatchmon is going rebellious, and left their secret base(Ai's book store basement) in his Appli-Realized form!  Dokamon and Musicmon are running away with him...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

[CD]Gacchen CD cover

Gacchen CD cover revealed
The CD will release on June 14th.
Available on CDJapan [1] [2]

Regular edition:

First press limited edition:
Preorder comes with original post card 

Monday, April 17, 2017

New BANPRESTO prize plush revealed! *UPDATE!*

Roany's Video Game Collectibles, an official BANPRESTO redistributor, showed off this concept art of a giant Patamon prize plush!

I Love Patamon Plush
Size: 26cm/10.25"
Release Date: August 2017

Additionally, the BANPRESTO I Love Terriermon lying down prize plush set has been appearing in Japanese arcades!

*UPDATE!* The official BANPRESTO prize plush website just added the next plush in the I Love Tailmon plush series!

I LOVE TAILMON Dekkai Plush vol. 2
Size: 23cm/9"
Release Date: May 25, 2017

Source: BanpreGirls Twitter | BANPRESTO

Friday, April 14, 2017

[Appmon] Ep 28 - 31 synopsis

info Twitter: Miruka0816 and Official appmon twitter for ep 28

第28話 アプリドライヴDUO! オフモンあらわる


ep 28: Appli-Drive Duo! Offmon appears!
While Haru and co were in danger fighting with Sateramon. The one who saved Haru and co, it's Yuujin who's using Appli-Drive Duo, and paired up with Offmon.

According to Director Yoichi Kato's tweet, this episode will reveal how Yuujin got his Appli-Drive Duo, and the episode is directed by him.

Ep 29: Buddy disappeared!? Gatchmon is running away from home
Yuujin's buddy Appmon: Offmon is an online game appmon who's a huge coward. Seeing Haru who's kindly treating him, Gatchmon rages:"It's completely different attitude towards himself!"
Ep 30: Dokamon's love?! Gourmet App: Marybero attacks!
Eri is being instructed by Gourmet review App Appmon: Perorimon. Because of him, Eri has good evaluation on her food report and gourmet reviews. In order to become Eri's disciple, Mega food gourmet App:"Mori Mori/Gusto" Appmon: Marybero Perorimon comes.
Ep 31: The journey with fellow traveler?  Tripmon's horror tour (Temporary title)
For Eri who's been working very hard lately, her administration office arranges a trip for her. Eri invites Haru and co to come, but their destination is changed by Tripmon...

Thursday, April 6, 2017

[Appmon] Ep 27 synopsis

第27話 五人目のアプリドライヴァー!


Ep 27: The fifth Appli-Driver

Eri starts to use Apptter (Twitter in our world).However it's tweeting nonstop on its own. Further more, Leviathan's powerful assassin appears in front of Haru and co. In desperate dangerous situation "he" appeared... could it be...!?