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Sunday, June 25, 2017

[Tri] Chapter 5: Kyousei new PV with translation, and DVD/Bluray release date


Digimon Adventure tri 5: Kyousei PV by pKjd

Please do not use our translation without permission

The existence that can't be held by anyone
The existence that should not be born...

Meiko:"Are we no longer partners?"
Taichi: "There's someone you should be looking for more than anyone else right now. That's Meicoomon."
Hikari: "Meicoomon is your precious partner. No matter what form she's in, if you truly want to deliver your feelings to her, you can surely do it."
Agumon: "Mei-chan definitely loves Meiko too!"
Mimi: "You are...NO! We are the hope to Meicoomon."
Taichi: "It's because we were chosen, so we are comrads."
Yamato: "We are not 'The Chosen Child', we are 'The Chosen Children'."
Hikari:"The Digital World thinks we are interfering for going into their world."
Nishijima: "Really, if you can accomplish this power with your partner, isn't there still hope?"
Hackmon: "Soon there won't be anymore friendship. She will be removed like an extraneous matter."
Koushiro: "Our world and the Digital world are coming in together..."
Agumon: "We must go."
Agumon: "Taichi!"
Taichi: "What can we possibly do?"
Yamato: "You can't hope to sacrifice your friends, Taichi!"
Taichi: "I can't turn away from friends who are in pain! We are 'The Chosen Children'!"

Meiko: "you said Mei-chan loves me?"

Theatrical version of the Bluray and DVD will be available to purchase in theaters like usual. Normal release will be November 2nd, 2017.
There will be "Toei Animation Original Special" lottery, chance to win the Signed Key visual poster in the Bluray and DVD.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Battle Spirits x Digimon TCG Collaboration & Digital Monster gashapon figure update!

A new merchandise collaboration has been created called "Battle Spirits Collaboration Booster Digimon Super Evolution!" Currently only Agumon is known to be in the set.

Release Date: September 30th, 2017/Late September 2017
Vending Machine Booster Pack Price: 200 yen
Normal Booster Pack Price: 324 yen (6 cards per pack)
Booster Pack Box of 20: 6,480 yen

Randomly assorted from 86 types:
-Common x45 types
-Rare x24 types
-Master rare x8 types
-X rare x8 types
-XX rare x1 type

Additionally, the Digital Monster gashapon figure set now has a new promotional image showing two of the figures in colour!

Digital Monster Capsule Mascot Collection ver. 1.0
Release Date: August 2017
Price: 300 yen each
As shown previously, the set contains 4 different digimon; Agumon, Betamon, Monzaemon and Numemon.

Lastly, Premium Bandai will be creating a new line of products celebrating both Digital Monsters and Digimon Adventure with the "Premium Art Series" of merchandise. The ad boasts that the items will be made in Japan. The first set of items features Tyrannomon & MetalGreymon and appears to be some kind of card case priced at 12,800 yen. More details will be posted as they become available!

Digimon 20th Anniversary Limited Base websites up & V-Pet Artbook coming!

The Limited Base websites for the 2 locations of the upcoming 20th Anniversary Digimon Universe shops are now up; merchandise has not yet been revealed:

A new Virtual Pet artbook has been revealed through a brand new official twitter account @bandai_digimon

The book will be 200 pages and feature art from the virtual pets, versions 1-5 and the 20th anniversary.
More details will be revealed and pre-orders will open July 28th.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

[Vjump] August Issue, Tri , Appmon, Cyber Sleuth and 20th anniversary P'Parco shop announced

Please note that this post contain spoilers!

info Baidu/unknown

Many of you may know it's the 20th anniversary of the Digimon Franchise this year, first Digimon Monster Ver 1 was released on June 26th, 1997.

lots of news this month:

Tri:  (From left to right)

The chosen Children have sorrow expression on them, what are they looking at?

Story has enter its climax, lots of surprise waiting for the fans.

Orphanimon Falldown mode: Originally an angel Digimon, what happened to her?

  • Digital Monster Ver.20th anniversary release on its anniversary date(June 26th)
  • Digimon Card 20th anniversary will start preorder on the same day.
  • Digimon Links will have event battle with dots Digimon in also celebrate the anniversary 
  • Cyber Sleuth Hacker's memory: Nokia makes her return as well. 
    new character: Kanai Chisa, partner Ankylomon
    "Hoodie" 's leader: Ryuuji Mishima

Appmon: 6 new Appmon announced: Some are the final evolution of the Applidrivers:
Hadesmon (Revivemon evo), Poseidomon (Oujamon), Gaiamon (Globmon), Rebootmon, Uranusmon (Entermon) and Deusmon

A special 20th anniversary shop announced to open at P'Parco Limit Base in both Ikebukurou and Nagoya Location. 
Runs between July 7th - 26th.
More info coming soon!

Friday, June 16, 2017

[Appmon] Ep 37 synopsis

第37話 襲来! 極アプモン・アルティメット4!

Ep 37: Attack! Ultimate Appmon: The Ultimate Four !
" The Ultimate Four" are standing in front of Haru and co who successfully rescued Eri! Haru and co Appli - realized their ultimate appmon to fight back