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Monday, May 22, 2017

[Appmon] ed 4: Perfect world

Info spice

New ed theme for Appmon annouced.

パーフェクトワールド / Perfect World
By トラフィックライト/ Traffic Light

Never heard of them before, appear to be a new group.

The new ending song (which they call it the "cool ending theme") will boardcast in July.
CD release on August 2nd, with total of 5 tracks.

Edited: Miyazaki Ayumi will be the composer for the song.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Super evolution Stage: Digimon adventure tri ~The August 1st's adventure ~

Previously annouced stage play for digimon tri has revealed their poster and the cast members for the male chose children.

The synopsis follows:


"August 1st", it's a very special day for Yagami Taichi, Ishida Yamato and the chosen children.
Taichi who's dedicated his summer to soccer pratice, got invited by Hikari: " Let's go camping with everyone on August 1st."
This plan was suggested by Koushiro and Mimi to have everyone gather together on that day of memory.  After hearing Jou who's busy with studying for his entrance exam will be coming to this as well, Taichi accepts the invite immediately.
On the other hand, Yamato who continues with his band activities heard the plan from Takeru. He can't refused his little brother's invite, and started to prepare for the camp unwillingly.
"The eight of us gather in 'that place' again, it's not a bad idea." He thought.


In the long summer vacation, the children are looking forward to spend lots of time with everyone on that day of memory.


The day of the camp. A rough start with Mimi who forgot to bring the camping supplies which she's supposed to.


"We can't do camping like this!" Jou complains. "That's a problem." Koushiro says as he's trying to think of a solution. Sora follows Mimi.
Seeing everyone's current state, "Looks exactly like how we first arrived in the digital world!" Taichi laughs. "At that time, we didn't have anything on us neither! "
"That's true." Yamato nods.
Let's awaken your feeling from 6 years ago, and the camping on August 1st starts.


However, there's a secret in the camping ground...


Taichi Yagami: Matsumoto Takeru 
Ishida Yamato: Hashimoto Shohei 
Koushiro Izumi: kamimura kaisei 
Jou Kido: Komatsu Jyunya 
Takeru Takaishi: Nomiyama Kenta 
And others.

Advance tickets are lottery base, must sign up between may 20th -29th. 
Regular ticket will be on sale starying July 2nd. The show will run between August 5th - 13th at Roppongi Zepp Blue Theater.

Please check their offical site for more info 

Ep 33 synopsis



Ep 33: High school student CEO! Unryuuji Knight appears!

In order to find his brother, Rei and Hackmon dive into Deep Web once again. Can they find and steal the top secret data in there ?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Digimon stage play

A digimon stage play has been announced.
The stage play will take place between August 5th - August 13th. (With schedule attached)
Titled: Chou shinka /Super evolution Stage: Digimon adventure tri ~The Adventure of August 1st~
The play will take place in Roppongi Zepp Blue Theater.
Visual and cast will revealed soon.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

[Appmon] Ep 32 synopsis, new insert song and special broadcast

第32話 みんなで連れ出せ! 引きこもりのオフモン!


ep 32: Let everyone to take you out! The Self-enclosed Offmon!

Offmon is shocked from hurting Yuujin, it shuts itself in. Haru and co are planning on using different strategies to get Offmon to come out again.

Info Spice
New insert song "BE MY LIGHT" (Lyrics by Nanahoshi Kangengakudan/Orchestra, Composition/Arrangement by: Iwami Riku, who's also part of the Nanahoshi Orchestra) will be playing on this week’s episode. The song will also be performed by SymaG.

This song will be included in the track list of the upcoming release of the Second opening of Appmon CD: Gattchen on June 14th.

Track list:
3.真夜中の微笑み(弾き語り) /Mayonaka no Hohoemi / The smile in the midnight (Singing with guiltar/piano)
4.BE MY LIGHT(カラオケ)/ (Karaoke)

Anyone who live stream Appmon weekly at its new time slot, the show after Appmon airs: 特捜警察ジャンポリス/Special Research Police JUMPolice will have a special features of the Appmon game battle.
The seiyuus of Haru and Yuujin will be the special guests for the show.