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Friday, September 23, 2016

Chapter 4: Soshitsu , and release date (Updated cover)

Just like the first 3 movies, the titles and release date was announced during the special voice actor Q&A show.
Chapter 4: 喪失/Sonshitsu/Loss will be in theater February 24th, 2017.

Have you watch Chapter 3 yet?
Did it make you tear? Feel free to share your thoughts :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Digimon Adventure Tri: Chapter 3 theater displays and special AR pictures

Limited base twitter updates new items such as the All premium gold music box for Brave heart.

And overall view of the store. For those who are going, they should have gotten their lottery result of what time they can go into the store. 
(To enter the store is by lottery for your specific time to enter, a great method for better control of line up it seems)

My good friend smdcn is currently in Japan going though the shops, the AR event and as well as midnight screening of Kokuhaku. All these pictures are taken by him, and he has asked me to put watermarks on all of his photos, as well as this blog's link as watermark.
This post will update as we receive more info and photo from him.

Shinjuku theater displays

Special AR event at sigh seeing places, they have map provided on their twitter for you to find them. The AR pictures ends at 5pm, therefore he didn't have enough time to find where Taichi and Agumon is.

If you order a drink, you will receive a special coaster from the Karaoke collab with Kokuhaku.

Found this full coaster art randomly on twitter, I forgot to save the source... 

On Animate store exclusive...
They will open pre-order for the Cystal Art with picture of the first movie Saikai's poster.
Pre-orders open from September 23rd to October 24th. 
Price 9800 Yen + tax
Release date: January 2017

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Crunchyroll: "Adventure continues ... this weekend" (Updated)

Crunchyroll's twitter teases that the Chapter 3 Kokuhaku/Confession will stream this weekend.
No dates or time have annouced, we will update this post once we get the info.

Updated: Their forum post states that it will air at 10 am(PST) tomorrow (September 23rd) for premium users. And free users will be able to get free stream starting on Oct 23rd.
Check their forum link to see if it's available to watch in your country.

New 30 second CM for Kokuhaku:

Chapter 3 Theater Original Exclusive Goods!

New theater goods have been announced!

Movie 3 Pamphlet
A4 size, 32 pages
Price: 820 yen
Contains cast and staff interviews and more!

Movie 3 Metallic 2-Pocket Clear File
Price: 486 yen
*Theater shop exclusive

April Fools Clear File
Price: 780 yen
*Theater shop exclusive

Patamon Multi-Holder Stand
Price: 1,890 yen
*Theater shop exclusive

Mackie Lacquer Seal Vol. 2
Set of 9
Price: 648 yen each
*Theater shop exclusive

Tri Can Badge 2nd
Set of 10, randomly packed
Price: 432 yen each
*Yamato & Garurumon KOD badge on the top-right is theater shop exclusive

The theater shops will also feature many other items previously released and released exclusively at other event/theater shops and the Animate shop.

Source: Official Digimon Website

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Appmon level systems

According to the interview on the September issue of Animedia. Appmon is trying to "take off from the original digimon". Meaning, many seasons of Digimon from the past are sharing similar concepts as the first season: Digimon adventure. In Digimon Universe Applimonster, since they are taking place in a more modern world, with popular daily use of smart phone apps as concept, they are trying to create this series base of that, and not follow what "Digimon series usually do". Such as Haru is opposite of Taichi, he's not hot headed or active in sport. Instead he likes to read with good grades, and search for solutions during battles. Each appmon are "buddy up" (they are not using the term "partner digimon") depends on each characters' favorite app. Haru loves to search for solutions therefore Gatchamon is an appmon come from a search app. And Torajiro uses music app often,   therefore he's buddy up with musicmon.

Just like xros wars, the level system are naming differently from previous generation of digimon series.

Appmon grade contains 4 levels. They upgrade through fusing with other appmon.  
The terms are Standard Appmon(which Gatchimon) - Super Appmon (Dokachimon) - Ultimate Appmon - God appmon
These Appmon in silhouette will be shown in the future episode. 
Digimon Universe: Appmonster will air on October 1st at 7 am on TV tokyo.